Although we will not be able to gather large groups of marchers on Fifth Avenue on November 11 this year, we are nonetheless committed to preserving New York City’s Veteran Day traditions and engaging as many of our regular veteran community participants as possible. 

Our Virtual Line of March will recreate the Parade experience online. On November 11, during a pre-announced period of time, we will release one profile (text and images) of a regular Parade participant every 45-60 seconds on our nycvetsparade Facebook and Twitter accounts.  

This stream of social media posts and tweets will recreate the “stepping off” of groups during a regular parade, and will enable our regular Parade participants to share their stories with the public!

Participation in this Virtual Line of March will initially be reserved for groups that meet one or both of the following criteria:

  • They have already applied for the 2020 NYC Veterans Day Parade, and/or…
  • They participated in the Parade in 2019

All types of groups who meet these criteria will be eligible.

If your group meets the above eligibility requirements, we will be sending an email with further information and instructions to the point(s) of contact we have for your organization. If you meet these requirements and do not receive this email, please contact us at application[at]

If your group does *not* meet the initial participation criteria, and you wish to be placed on our waitlist, please email us at lom-waitlist[at] If any groups on the initial eligibility list decline to participate, some additional spaces may become available. Preference will be given to veteran groups and service providers that have recently participated in the Parade.

DON’T FORGET: Individual veterans and members of the public can participate through our MARCHING ORDERS activities! » Learn more

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