Honorary Committee:

Nick Angione is the Chair of the 2023 New York City Veterans Day Honorary Committee and the Chairman of the United War Veterans Council.

Nick served 4 and a half years in the United States Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Marine with the Second Recon Battalion.  

During his service he participated in multiple operations abroad including Operation(s) Cease Fire, Restore Hope, Continue Hope, Deny Flight, and Provide Promise.   He also participated in border patrol and counter-narcotic operations in the United States.  

Upon leaving the military, Nick spent 5 years in the financial industry,  working at the New York Stock Exchange as a Business Development Manager.  He then spent 19 years in the Construction Management industry, including a stint as as a Managing Director for a high-end residential construction and professional services company. 

He currently works alongside his brother in their family-run business and lives in New Jersey with his three children Alex, Jacqui and Nico.

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