On Veterans Day, it is absolutely essential that every veteran has the chance to participate, and that every member of the public has the opportunity to show their support and appreciation to those who have served.

Although we will not be able to gather on Fifth Avenue this year, we are providing MARCHING ORDERS: eleven activities veterans and/or their supporters can do on-screen or at-home, either by themselves or with a (socially distanced) group!

Many of these activities can be done as we build up to Veterans Day; others take place on November 11 itself. 

So join the commemoration — and don’t forget to share photos and stories of your activities on social media, using the hashtags: #nycvetsday and #marchingorders 

* * * *

  1. Read a book, listen to a podcast, attend an online lecture, or explore an web-based exhibition about our veterans or military
  2. Take part in a fitness/exercise activity honoring veterans. Looking for a challenge? Support our March for Veterans with GoRuck.
  3. Make a contribution to an organization that supports or assists veterans. You can support our Health & Wellness program for at-risk veterans here, or find another organization or cause that could use your help.
  4. Support a veteran-owned business.  If you are a non-veteran business owner, offer special deals for veterans.
  5. Pay your respects at a local memorial or monument, or visit the gravesite of a veteran. If you see litter or debris, clean up the area. If you visit with a group or organization, please follow social distancing and safety guidelines.
  6. Learn the story of a veteran in your family, or in your community.  If you are a veteran, share your story.
  7. Watch a military or veteran-themed movie or TV series.  Discuss it with your friends and family.
  8. Make a sign, card or other artwork thanking our veterans.  Share your work on social media!
  9. On Veterans Day, wear a flag or something patriotic (need some ideas? Visit our store!)
  10. On Veterans Day, watch our broadcast on WABC and follow the Virtual Parade on Facebook or Twitter!
  11. Spread the word about our Veterans Day events!

We’ll be posting more links and resources as we get closer to Veterans Day; in the meantime, don’t forget to share photos and stories on social media, using the hashtags: #nycvetsday and #marchingorders ! 

* * * *

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